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Miranda’s Story

In 2017, as I was approaching 41 and not ready for a baby yet, I decided to undergo IVF with donor sperm to ensure I can start a family when the time comes. Shortly after I discovered that I had Breast Cancer, which surprised me

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Stephanie’s Story

I will never have a baby without a gestational carrier. “You’re meant to be a mother; it just takes time.” “Just take care of yourself and your health and you’ll get pregnant when the time is right.” “Try not to stress out about it and

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Hannah’s Story

Our Surrogacy Journey My husband and I have always known we need to go through surrogacy to have a child. I have a history of critical illness that started when I was 16 years old, and although I beat it, it has left me unable

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Linda’s Story

The year was 1986 and I was 3 months in utero, being carried in the womb of my mother in Eastern Europe. On April 26th, the Chernobyl disaster happened in what is now Kyiv (next door neighbor of Romania, the country I was born in)

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After 6 years of failed IVF, my husband and I were near the end and almost had given up hope. We decided to give it one last attempt and do as much as we could to increase our chances of having a family. We only

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C.O. – mamá de una hermosa niña

“Ser madre es un maravilloso regalo de la vida, gracias infinitas a Family Formers por ser parte de nuestro sueño de formar una familia y poder ser padres. Espero que muchas parejas tengan la oportunidad de lograr sus sueños con ustedes de la mano. ¡Dios

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Deb – Mom to a Beautiful Little Girl

“We are so incredibly lucky to have found Family Formers! Our fertility journey has been a challenging one. There are so many south Florida IVF clinics and agencies that deal with fertility issues and picking one can be overwhelmingly stressful. Lucky for us, we not

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