About Us

Family Formers is recognized as Florida’s premier surrogacy consultancy, guiding aspiring parents and surrogates through their unique journeys. With a wealth of personal and professional expertise, Family Formers founders, became dedicated parent advocates to pave the way to parenthood.

Family Formers’ boutique approach offers a more personalized touch to every unique story. Their philosophy has always been MAKE A DIFFERENCE. This is their commitment to excellence and is evident from their hundreds of successful stories.

Family Formers understands the emotional intricacies involved and ensures that intended parents, egg donors, and surrogates are cared for, fostering a nurturing environment throughout. With a proven track record and a reputation for professionalism, Family Formers delivers positive outcomes.

We want our Intended Parents to feel 100% confident going into their fertility journey. We do this by offering complete transparency. For over a decade, we have been honored to have helped hundreds of Intended Parents fulfill their dreams of having babies. We look forward to the special privilege of working with and beside you throughout this path to parenthood.

Teresa and Leila

Teresa Rockey

Teresa Rockey shines as an exceptional woman renowned for her entrepreneur ventures. Through her own personal journey, she became an advocate in the spheres of surrogacy and parenting. As a proud mother and founder of Family Formers, Teresa has wholeheartedly embraced the mission of furnishing unwavering support and sagacious counsel to both intended parents and surrogates. Fueled by her empathetic disposition and personal journey, Teresa is resolutely committed to aiding others in navigating the intricate terrain of egg donation and surrogacy. Her faithful advocacy for surrogacy has not only earned her acknowledgement but has also secured her nomination for Businesswoman of the Year by the St. Petersburg Chamber of Commerce. In addition to that honor, Teresa has been recognized numerous times for her excellence in the field of marketing and communication. Teresa’s labor continues to be an uplifting force, fostering positivity in the lives of families and individuals endeavoring to forge their own unique paths.

Leila Rodriguez
Leila Rodriguez

Leila Rodriguez stands out as a compassionate and devoted individual who has left a lasting imprint in the domain of egg donation and surrogacy. With a foundational education in psychology and an intrinsic ardor for aiding others, Leila is devoted to steering intended parents and surrogates through their distinct journeys. Her nuanced mastery of the surrogacy process, combined with her authentic concern for the holistic well-being of intended parents, egg donors, as well as surrogates, has garnered her well-deserved acclaim across diverse media platforms, prominently featured in the pages of the Boca Raton Observer. Leila’s unflinching dedication to cultivating families and providing unwavering support to individuals along their surrogacy passage has securely established her as a leading professional and resource within the industry.