Becoming an Egg Donor

What is an egg donation?

According to the American Society for Reproductive Medicine (ASRM) “Egg donation is when a woman (donor) gives her eggs to another woman (recipient) to allow the recipient to have a baby. To donate eggs, the donor must be given medications that will cause her to develop multiple eggs over a single cycle. The eggs are then removed from the donor by placing a needle that is attached to an ultrasound probe through the vaginal tissues. The eggs are then gently aspirated (suctioned) from the ovaries. Once the eggs are removed, they are evaluated by an embryologist. Then sperm from the male partner or a sperm bank is placed around or injected into each egg. This process is called in vitro fertilization (IVF).”

Why be an Egg Donor?

Becoming an Egg Donor is a very personal choice. There are different reasons why you may want to become an Egg Donor, such as:

Giving a single woman, single man, or couple the opportunity and a gift of having their own child(ren)

Someone close to you has struggled with infertility and you have a desire to help other people in the same situation

To help you continue your higher education and/or achieve personal financial goals

Why be an Egg Donor with Family Formers?

Family Formers will always make sure that you are treated with respect and appreciation, by all the professionals involved in the Donation Process. We work with the best Reproductive Endocrinologists and IVF clinics in the state of Florida to insure the best medical care for you during the Donation. 

Our Donors are angels to the IPs for giving them the opportunity to become parents.