This is the process in which the egg from the Intended Mother or Donor egg is fertilized in the lab by Intended Father’s or Donor Sperm. Then some of the fertilized eggs develop into embryos. The best embryos are chosen and frozen on Day 5 or 6.  The GC will have an elective Single Embryo Transfer (eSET) or Double Embryo Transfer (DET), depending on the IVF clinic’s embryo transfer policy or the IPs’ and GC’s agreement. 

It varies and can take from 3 to 4 months from the start of the process until frozen embryo transfer day. Once the embryo transfer is complete and a healthy embryo implantation is achieved, the length of a normal pregnancy up to delivery of the baby(ies). 

  • Age 21-38
  • Healthy body weight
  • Has had at least one uncomplicated pregnancy and delivery; must provide OB medical records of your pregnancy and obtain your OBGYN clearance to be a gestational surrogate
  • Have reliable transportation to attend doctor appointments
  • Does not use tobacco, illegal drugs, or excessive alcohol
  • Must be a U.S. Citizen or legal resident, must provide documentation
  • Have not been convicted of a felony
  • Must have family support or significant other’s/spouse’s support
  • Must be financially secure/stable
  • Must have a stable lifestyle

The risks of being a Gestational Carrier involve the same medical risks as any common pregnancy. 

At Family Formers we have a generous compensation that starts at $45,000 for first time GCs or more for experienced GCs, plus other miscellaneous reimbursements (including mileage, health & life insurance, additional compensation for multiples, lost wages compensation, and help with childcare and housekeeping expenses.)

All medical expenses will be paid by the intended parents.

Yes, the intended parents will purchase a policy for you for the length of your contract. 

  • Previous prenatal and birth records for all your pregnancies from your OBGYN and hospital
  • A medical clearance letter from your OBGYN, stating you are cleared to be a gestational surrogate
  • Proof of health insurance, if you have one (provide photo of front & back of your card & Eligibility of Coverage document – usually a PDF 100 pages long)
  • Authorization to run a criminal background from you and your significant other

Usually, you will meet them through a Zoom meeting the first time. If the Intended Parents are local, you will have an opportunity to meet them prior to the Embryo Transfer. 

Yes, you will need to travel but only in the state of Florida (unless there is a special circumstance and travel out of state is required). Mileage reimbursement is one of the package benefits included in your contract.

Yes, you can use the OB or Midwife that provided prenatal care during your previous pregnancies.

As quickly as you would like, we always have Intended Parents waiting for a gestational surrogate. It would be helpful if you are open minded about the type of parents you would like to work with are, such as a heterosexual, LGBTQ+, international, local couples, or single parents.

As much as you and the Intended Parents are comfortable with. You can communicate with them on a weekly basis or when you have appointments to give them an update on the progress of the pregnancy. We require all of our Intended Parents to attend the birth of their baby(ies).