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Felipe and Paula’s Story

As a young lady at the age of 18, I found out that I couldn’t have children because of a vaginal agenesis due to Mayer-Rokitansky-Küster-Hauser (MRKH) syndrome. Since that moment, I knew that my journey to become a mother was going to be different from other women.

When I met Felipe, I found the ideal partner to join me in this journey. We got married and guided by our dream to start our family, we immediately initiated the process to understand what the best option for us would be to have children. The first step we took was creating our embryos with a fertility clinic, while we evaluated the options of having a uterus transplant or look for a gestational surrogate. We are a Colombian family, and in Colombia this process is very complex given that there’s a gray area in the law that parentage via surrogacy is difficult to prove, which is why we looked into doing the surrogacy process in the United States.

Thanks to the contact Boca Fertility gave us, we had the pleasure of meeting Family Formers. Leila, Teresa, and all of their team guided us throughout the whole process so that we could have our dear Matilde in our arms today. Their openness and readiness to do things differently, along with their involvement in the process was inarguably the reason for all of our success in this process. Emotionally, it was not an easy journey since we suffered the loss of Matilde’s twin sister along the way and Matilde was born prematurely. However, Family Formers’ support was vital, not only because of their human warmth throughout the difficult moments but also their assistance in all decision making.

Today, Matilde is a completely healthy and happy little girl. We, as parents, thank God for putting Family Formers in our path. Now, we once again are beginning the process of having Matilde’s little brother along with them.

Thank you, Leila, Teresa, Gerardo, (Rodriguez-Albizu Law) and the rest of the team because today our dreams have become a reality with your genuine and loving help.

Forever grateful,
Paula, Felipe & Matilde


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