The Intended
Parent Process

1. Choosing A Donor

When comparing egg donation programs and their ability to deliver the egg donor you are looking for, quality is clearly more important than quantity. Extensive evaluation processes, coupled with unparalleled service and firsthand personal experience gives family formers’ intended parents access to donors of unmatched quality.

By being highly selective and limiting our egg donor program to only the highest quality egg donors, we are able to take time to get to know each of them – their character, background and intelligence.

Upon selection, the egg donor will then be medically and psychologically screened. The intended parents’ IVF specialist will determine exactly what types of screening the donor must undergo. You can rest assured that we will work closely with your clinic to ensure all participants make the necessary arrangements to accomplish this process.

Once the donor is medically and psychologically cleared, you as the prospective parents and the egg donor will sign an egg donation agreement. Each party will have their own legal representation to address all the legal implications of an egg donor agreement, including the legal responsibility of both parties, compensation, and agreement terms.

When the oocyte donation agreement is completed, the egg donation process can begin. You can expect this egg donation process to take anywhere from 2-3 months. Your physician will be able to explain the process in further detail.

2. Gestational Carrier Match

We at family formers pride ourselves on our matching abilities. Just like with the egg donors, we go above and beyond all required criteria when we choose to work with a surrogate. Getting to know our Intended Parents and the gestational carriers as much as possible allows us to match our intended parents with the best surrogate possible.

This process begins with a simple video interview between you, the potential surrogate, and a family formers representative. This allows the prospective parents and surrogates to get to know each other and make the decision to move forward with each other, or not.

As the parent, you will be able to create the relationship you desire with your chosen surrogate. Even though we will help you through all steps, it is up to you and the surrogate to decide how much contact there will be between the two parties.