LGBTQ+ Intended

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Surrogacy Solutions For The LGBTQ+ Community

Thinking about starting your family with the help of an egg donor and a gestational carrier? We can help!

For over 10 years, Family Formers has helped individuals and couples achieve their dream of having their own children. You can expect a hands-on approach from both Teresa and Leila from the moment you first contact Family Formers until you go home with your baby. We also have an outstanding network of previous Intended Parents that will be happy to provide guidance and support during your journey into parenthood.

Importance Of Choosing
An Egg Donor

We pride ourselves in having one of the best egg donor programs in Florida. By being highly selective and limiting our egg donor program to only the highest quality egg donors, we are able to provide the LGBTQ+ community with excellent donors that can be used by both partners in a male couple. Most male couples want a child with their own DNA and to achieve this the egg donor that they choose must produce a large quantity of mature eggs for split fertilization. We have had great success matching our male couples with successful experienced donors achieving on average 4-6 embryos each for transfer.

Every male client that has allowed Family Formers to be a part of their journey is currently raising their baby or babies.