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Gestational Carrier

Becoming a Gestational Carrier

Every day we are approached by women who want to learn more about becoming a gestational carrier. We are always happy to sit and answer all questions about this amazing process. Before we get further into this blog post, let’s start at the beginning.


What is a Gestational Carrier?

A gestational carrier is someone who agrees to become pregnant with another person’s embryo. This is often referred to as surrogacy. Simply put, surrogacy is an arrangement between the gestational carrier and intended parents. The intended parents will become the child’s parent(s) after birth.


Why Would Someone Need a Gestational Carrier?

There are many reasons someone would need a gestational carrier. A woman could have problems that could endanger her own health or the health of the baby. She might have had multiple miscarriages, an ectopic pregnancy (when the embryo implants outside of the uterus). A woman is also less likely to become pregnant if she has experienced cancer treatments, especially those affecting reproductive organs.


In other instances, we provide surrogacy solutions For The LGBTQ+ Community. Most male couples want a child with their own DNA and to achieve this we work with egg donors and gestational carriers. We are very proud to say that every male client that has allowed Family Formers to be a part of their journey is currently raising their baby or babies.


How Does the Surrogacy Process Work?

It is important to note that the gestational carrier is not genetically related to the child. The Intended Parents (IPs) will have an IVF cycle providing their own eggs and sperm (or donor egg or donor sperm) in order to create viable embryos to transfer to the gestational carrier. Once the embryos are created then a transfer date will be scheduled. The GC will take medications according to a calendar provided by the IVF clinic. A bloodwork pregnancy test is scheduled 10-12 days after the embryo transfer to confirm the pregnancy. The IVF clinic will monitor the GC for the first 10 weeks and then an OB will continue prenatal care and delivery.


Why Would I Want to Become a Gestational Carrier?

Becoming a gestational carrier can be an incredibly rewarding experience. You are giving the gift of life to someone who may not have been able to have a child on their own. You are also helping to build a family. Additionally, the compensation for being a gestational carrier is very generous. At Family Formers we have a generous compensation that starts at $45,000, plus other miscellaneous reimbursements (including mileage, health & life insurance, additional compensation for multiples, lost wages compensation, and help with childcare and housekeeping expenses.)


Some women become gestational carriers because:

  • They have had enjoyable, uncomplicated pregnancies.
  • The surrogacy process may enable them to stay at home with their children and/or enable them to contribute financially to their family.
  • It is an opportunity for paying it forward/blessing someone, regardless of race, religion, political views, or education level.


Why Become a Gestational Carrier for Family Formers?

Unlike other big surrogacy agencies around the country, the founders of Family Formers, Teresa and Leila, will be there every step of the way, throughout the entire journey, to make sure YOU are taken care of.

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