Carrie – single mother
of 2, baby girl and 7 yr old son

“To the wonderful people who so graciously and generously donated two embryos to me:

There aren’t words to adequately express my gratitude, but I wanted to at least reach out.  I have been trying for five and a half years to give my son (now six) a sibling.  He has asked me frequently for one since he was two, becoming rather adamant and irritated starting at three.  He couldn’t figure out why his friends got to have babies and he didn’t.  

 I always intended to have two kids.  Some children are fine as an only, but he is meant to be a part of a larger family.  He is so loving to our cats, especially the new kitten who recently joined our family.  I have always known that he will be a wonderful big brother.  

 We are blessed to live next door to my parents, with whom we are both very close.  They are characters who are now buying toys for the kitten, to whom they refer as their rent a kitty (they’re beloved cat passed away recently, and they aren’t ready to add to their family, but this little one fills the void).  They are equally excited for a sibling for my son and another grandchild for them.  I am so grateful for both of them, especially my Mom, who has never missed a doctor’s appointment.  

I just found out today that I am pregnant.  I certainly have a long way to go, but as soon as I heard from Teresa about your unbelievable kindness, I knew this round was meant to be the one that works.  If both embryos take, we will be all the more fortunate to have more to love.  

 The sacrifice you made on my behalf, a complete stranger, is overwhelming.  I believe that people are naturally good, but the current world can make it hard to maintain that perception.  What you have done for me restores my faith in humanity.  I will be forever in your debt.

Thank you, thank you, thank you.

”They have been available at all hours, endlessly patient with my questions, and have worked seamlessly with my doctor and his team. It is easy to find horror stories through the egg donor process.  Family Formers removes that concern.  Teresa and Leila know the donors they use and take the stress out of a challenging, emotionally charged process.  

I recommend Family Formers without reservation and can’t adequately express my gratitude to them for holding my hand along this journey.”