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Bella & Saul – parents of boy and girl twins and 10 yr old son 

“Dear Teresa and Leila: We just wanted to thank you for all you have done for us! We wouldn´t be home with our beautiful Ben and Sierra if it weren’t for you! We started this journey about 2 years ago, thinking everything was going to be easier with the help of a surrogate to have our child. But life showed us, that nothing was going to be easy at all…  We had a lot of bumps on our way, we had to change our surrogate, had a miscarriage. Honestly, I was ready to give up, but you Teresa wouldn´t let me. You have always been there cheering me up, telling me not to give up, and helping me with everything. I can´t explain how happy I am, and it is all because of you!! Thank you so much for not leaving me alone, for being always there for me!  I will always be in debt with you! Our family is finally complete thanks to both Teresa and Leila!”